Featured Showcase on Photo Workshop Adventures

October 03, 2012

This month, Photo Workshop Adventures has chosen me as a Student Featured Showcase.  PWA hosts photography workshops in the United States, Europe, and parts of Africa.  In the future, PWA will have tours in Iceland, Thailand, Argentina, and much, much more other exotic locations.  Earlier this year, I had a chance to fly to Naples, Italy to experience the Italian culture.  And the year before that,  I joined PWA in the Madrid, Spain tour.  Both trips have been a wonderful experience.  It's very convenient to have PWA to guide me throughout the city and to other locations around the city that I would of never found on a typical vacation.  Also, for me, traveling with PWA as a group I feel more secure. It could get quite scary roaming around the city with thousands of dollars in camera equipment.


I hope to make it to other travels with PWA.  Michael Chinnici who is the founder of PWA is wonderful and has much knowledge in the world of photography.  Next stop might be Santorini, Greece.  I'm hoping to capture a few awesome starlight trails.


You can check out my Feature Showcase here.  Enjoy!