Wacom Intuso5

March 03, 2012

I'm a big fan on the Intuso tablet by Wacom.  I'm happy to hear that Wacom will be releasing the Intuso5.  I own the Intuso4 Medium and love it.  The biggest upgrade to the Intuso5 is the multi-touch portion of the tablet.  This allows finger gesturing just like a mouse pad on any laptops.  Also, the new tablet has an optional wireless capability (around $40 USD).  If you work heavily with Adobe Photoshop, I recommend you buying an Intuso.

Product Highlights

  • Mac & PC Compatibility
  • Display Toggle & Eight Express Keys
  • Advanced Pen Tip Sensor
  • Multi-Finger Touch
  • Finger Sensitive Input
  • Express View Display (HUD)
  • Application-Specific Settings
  • Bundled Software Download Program
  • USB or RF Wireless Connectivity
  • Wacom RF Wireless Kit (Sold Separately)