Adobe Lighroom 4.1

June 02, 2012

Adobe Lightroom 4.1 is now available for download.  Hurray! Now I can import my RAW files from the Canon 5D Mark III.  Before, I had to use the Canon's manufacture CD to export the RAW files and convert them into *.TIFF.  This of course produced file sizes of 122 MB.  After converting to *.TIFF, I was then able to import into Lightroom 4.  Now with Lightroom 4.1 I can bypass this workflow.


The only issue I'm experiencing with Adobe Lightroom 4.1 is that I am unable to tether from the Canon 5D Mark III.  For now, if I want to shoot tether, I have to use the Canon 5D Mark II.  I hope Adobe comes out with another patch allowing the 5D Mark III tethering.