Easy Release - Model & Property Release

August 03, 2012

I just bought Easy Release (model & property release) from ApplicationGap for my iPad 2.  Prior to this digital model release, I've had my own custom release form.  A few reason why I went with a digital model release is one, iStockphoto now accepts Easy ReleaseiStockphoto is one of the stock agencies who is very particular with what information should be in the release form.  My custom release from that I've created and use with other stock agencies doesn't make the cut for iStockphoto.  So, the only photos I've been submitting to iStockphoto are the ones that does not require a model/property release.  Now with Easy Release, I'll start to have my model simply fill out the release and submit it to iStockphoto.


Another photog buddy of mine also uses Easy Release and raves about using it.  For only $9.99, I thought I go ahead and give it a try.  Sometimes we all hate making changes, but in order to compete with the rest or to keep up, we have to change.  In the meantime, I'll continue to fill out both the Easy Release and my own custom paper form until I feel comfortable about going all in with the digital model release


A few things I like so far with Easy Release, is that you can capture a photo of the model and it will be included in the form.  Also, the form can be email to you and the model in both jpeg and pdf format.  Now the only thing I need to figure out is how to backup all the models info and form just in case my iPad crash or when I upgrade to the iPad 3.