Straighten Light Poles

August 30, 2012

Normally, shooting with a wide angle lens will distort an image.  In this Photoshop trick, I'll demostrate how to straighten out the light poles that were distorted from shooting with a 16-35mm lens.  Below is a summary of steps from the video above.

  1. Use a Guide as a reference point to straighten the light pole.
  2. Use the Rectangular Marque Tool (M) and make a selection around the light pole.
  3. With the Marque selected, copy the selection to a new layer Command+J (Ctrl+J).
  4. Transform the selection of the new layer Command+T (Ctrl +T).
  5. Press and hold down Shift+Command (Shift+Ctrl) and move the top, center transformation control to the left or right.
  6. Press Enter to accept the changes.